Thursday, August 26, 2010

Yet another entry on scrapbooking...

I finished this page today and it marks the completion of Megan's one year album. (This did not scan well due to the flowers being too bumpy to lay flat on the scanner.) I started it probably 2 years ago and after picking out the paper couldn't figure anything else. I feel like I've gotten into a major scrapbook rhythm. I've been working faster and using a variety of materials. My pages are tending to be a little more diverse than in the past. It is difficult to describe, but it is kind of exciting to me. I think the main reason is because we turned off our tv for the summer. We have Dish Network and they let us put it on "vacation mode." We kept everything we had recorded so Megan still has her shows recorded and we could watch re-runs when we wanted (and most tv shows are on the internet now too). In the past, I used the tv for "background" noise and have now realized how much of a distraction it was. I've also discovered "Adventures in Odyssey" this summer and have been listening to it while I work. Chad and I have both enjoyed not having tv so much we are seriously debating turning it off permanently. Our main hang up is whether we can get football games on the computer and if we can hook a cable from the computer to the tv to view it.

This past year has been a little crazy. Adam is a great baby, but there were some serious adjustments. I think getting back in the scrapbook groove has helped me to feel like I've gotten a bit of myself back.

Okay enough rambling. If you want to see all of Megan's album in one spot, visit here:

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Anonymous said...

Adventures in Odyssy tapes were a lifesafer for cross country drives when the kids were litte. Probably even better now in the days of iPod.