Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Blue eyes

This Saturday is National Scrapbooking Day. This doesn't really mean anything too life changing for me, but Cathy Zielske, my scrapbook hero, is hosting the Simple Scrapbooks blog this week and posting challenges every day. I thought it'd be fun to see if I could keep up. So far I'm 1 for 3. Today's challenge was a color challenge meaning that Cathy Zielske picked the color pallette.
The colors scanned to look quite frightening. The background paper is also not white, it's like graph paper. I may have to take a regular picture of this to assure everyone out there that it actually looks okay, but this will have to do for now.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Grandma & Grandpa

This weekend my parents came to visit. Megan talked them into swinging her in her swing. Whenever she sees the swing she goes, "Eeeeeeeeee," because we say "weee" when she swings.

This is the face that she puts on after being removed from the swing. She starts to cry and continues to stare at the swing until another interesting activity is found. We may have created a monster.
On this particular day, a dandelion became the next fun activity.

Grandpa also gave her some practice walking which is one of her new favorite things. No, she's not walking, but she likes to walk holding on to someone's hand.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Yeah, so I realized when reading over my last post that I used two of the same photos on the page. Yes, one was black and white and one was zoomed in, but yep, the same picture. I like the original center picture better, but I didn't have any other black and white printed to switch...I know that I could have just switched the page on my blog but I thought I'd let everyone enjoy the joke on me.


Just a page following my always simple approach. I wish that simple meant it was quick. I always pull out everything I own trying to decide what could possibly work...and I always want to use different product and end up back in my normal comfort zone...I liked the look of the chipboard unpainted for the title and then painting the parentheses thing. I guess that's as out of the box as I got tonight...

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Tea anyone?

On Saturday our church had a tea with the theme "All Dolled Up." Because I now have a tea set, I agreed to host a table. Below are several pictures of my spread. I made paperdolls for every place setting and then three "dress shops" with outfits for the dolls.

New swing

Megan enjoyed the swings at the park so much we decided to get one for the backyard. Grandpa Gorrell and Chad worked on it Saturday morning and Saturday afternoon Megan tried it out. She was a little unsure at first, but by the end, she was yelling her own version of "weeeeeee."

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Sunday-The Day of Rest

Sunday is to be a day of rest. Megan apparently took this to heart on Sunday as she did something she has never done before. She fell asleep in her high chair. She was pretty much done with her food so I guess she decided it wasn't worth waiting to get upstairs. Notice the pretty frilly socks. I had taken off her dress, leaving her in her onsie, fancy pants and patent leather shoes.

To be honest, Sunday is about the least restful day of the week for Megan. We start it by waking her up early. We hurry to feed and dress her, and wisk her off to church. After she sits and watches praise team rehearse for about 30 minutes, we take her and leave her with a bunch of babies and some adults she usually doesn't know. We expect her to be happy about this all the while she misses her nap which usually lasts from 10:00 to 11:30. I usually try and check on her between church and Sunday school. By the time we pick her up at around 11:50, she has had it.

Friday, April 11, 2008


Here is an attempt at a Christmas page. It's not my favorite, but I can't figure out what else I could do to it.

Thursday, April 10, 2008


The dress in these pictures is one of my absolute favorites. It is actually a 3 month size, but because Megan is small and the dress is big, it still fits (for now).

She was really not in the mood for the photo shoot, it was after church where she always misses her morning nap. By 12:30 on Sunday, she has had it (but isn't she still cute?).

For some perspective, I thought I'd put this picture up of the first time she wore it at Tim and Mindy's wedding. She was six weeks old, still slept all the time, couldn't hold up her own head. Now, she's always on the go. Sitting, crawling, feeding herself, throwing her ball, looking at books, pulling up on furniture, babbling constantly, smiling, laughing. Everyone says, "It goes by fast." I never disputed it, I just hope I'm making the most of every moment.

At the Park

The spring weather I have been longing for has finally arrived. We have been celebrating this by walking almost every day. Along our walking route there is a school with a nice little playground. We stopped last Saturday (and again on Sunday) and let Megan experience "the slide" and the new safe version of the teeter totter. She loved both.

Here's a video on the slide:

Tonight, we went to another park and took her on the swings. She definitely enjoyed them and was all smiles.

Note: My good friend Kristin pointed out that "Real spring is when Megan doesn't need a winter hat! :) " This is probably true when you live in a tropical climate like Kentucky, but here in PA we call it spring if the sun is shining and the frost melted off the cars before 8 am...It really has been nice here, but there has been a breeze at times and I'm probably slightly over-protective of Megan's ears. Yesterday, a local bank displayed the temp as 71 degrees, but we went to the park around 6:30 and it had chilled quite a bit and looked like rain...Yes, Kristin, I hope to ditch the winter hat soon.

Baby Calendar

My very talented friend Emily made me this awesome calendar scrapbook as a present for Megan when she was born. It consists of a page for each month and below a write on calendar page for each month. I've been filling it in with pictures a little at a time and thought I'd share them. Sorry there is no September, I hadn't been able to decide which pics to use and then I didn't order the right ones. I totally love this album. Thanks Em!

Monday, April 7, 2008

The Snowsuit

I got my new issue of Simple Scrapbooks in the mail today and decided I needed to complete a layout. Pretty simple, but I'm trying to stop fussing and start doing. Sorry that it didn't scan that well. The brads kind of made it weird.

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Kissin' Bacon Revisited

So, I got a bunch of photos in the mail yesterday and decided to start with these new ones. I'm not completely in love with the page, but it'll do. Page number 1 for April...In case you are wondering how March went, I'm counting it as an 8 page month...I technically only have 4 pages to show for it, but I did 2 scrapbook type projects. One was a little mini-journal type thing that was used to write notes to a friend leaving for the army. The other was a recipe box for my sister...I'm counting that as 3 because it required decorating said box and then typing up about 60 recipes, printing, cutting, and covering the recipes with contact paper.

Here are some pictures of my recipe box, I forgot to take pictures of the one I made my sister. Hers is cuter than mine...