Monday, June 22, 2009

Chad's Father's Day present

Chad had a pretty good Father's Day being as he received this little bundle.

Adam Matthew Gorrell decided he didn't want to wait until July 10 to be born and arrived instead June 21 at 4:56 pm. He was 6 lbs. 7 oz. and 19 inches long. We are all doing great, I will fill in more info later, but it is time for bed.
I will leave you with a picture of Megan, Mommy and Baby Adam. She is quite taken with him.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Megan's Birthday

Megan turned 2 on May 28th and I realized today I didn't take enough pictures...we started the day with a "play date" party. It was supposed to rain, so the day before I got finger paints and an enormous pad of paper. I think Megan liked feeling the squish of it on her hands. She never seemed to have enough paint.

For lunch, we ordered "bambinos" which are little personal pizzas from our favorite pizza place. Caden spent the afternoon and evening with us and they played great together.

After a dinner of noodles and hot dogs (the current fave), she opened up her presents. She got a few books and another "Snap N Style" doll. I think these dolls are fantastic. She has been playing with them a lot lately. They are so cute (and innocent looking unlike a lot of dolls) and she can get them dressed up by herself.

Her other favorite gifts from family and friends included a stroller for her babies, a doctor kit, a rocking chair and a barn to go with her village. I need to get some pictures of her with her doctor kit because it is funny. She gives very thorough check-ups. I have never had my blood pressure taken so many, she likes to check my belly. Oddly enough, she has been interested in checking bellies not because of my pregnancy, but since she had a flu bug this winter. Before we visited the doctor, I told her he would check her belly and a few weeks later she started using random things (tape measures, toy tools, etc.) to "check" her belly. The last month or two she has been coming to my appointments and so now likes to "check" my belly too.