Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The Village People

Megan received the "Village People" set for her first birthday and like all toys, it has gone through cycles of being a favorite to being ignored. I thought about putting it away for a while recently and I've been very glad I didn't. Both kids have been playing with it a ton. Adam likes to put the people into and out of the cars (and any other container he deems suitable) whereas Megan's play is quite a bit more complex.
This is an example of what I overheard the other day:
"Oh, Katy, do you smell that?" said Donna. *she actually said, "said Donna" and "said Katy" etc.
"Yes, I do," said Katy.
"Lynn, come here, do you smell that?" said Donna.
"Yes," said Lynn.
"It's your favorite breakfast," said Donna.
And so it goes on. She was pretending that the people were my family and it was hilarious to realize what her perspective of life is. Later on, she invited me to play because she didn't know "how Suzy should act." I told her I'd play but refrained from telling her that my sister would probably have picked on me and bossed me around. We also had a major incident last night because the boy with brown hair who is Uncle Tim could not be found. Don't worry, she is equal opportunity and the boy also plays Daddy. She has even included Chad's cousins, Rebekah and Rachel, his Uncle Dave and Chad's 4-H animals, Bam Bam and Wild Thing into her village.
The two of them were playing quite nicely together which is what inspired to picture although it appears that Megan may have been hoarding all the people to keep Adam from taking them from her.

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Anonymous said...

Love that Rachel and I made it in her list of people! lol They are the cutest :)