Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Splash Universe

We made a wedding weekend in Indiana a little mini-vacation and stayed at an indoor water park in Shipshewana. The kids enjoyed it although Chad and I underestimated how much work it is to take 2 kids to a place like that!

These rocking horses were in the lobby.

Chad had Adam almost asleep on the lazy river.

Megan was all about the water. The first day she rode on all the slides (except the 2 for much older people) and loved it.

Adam was an absolute wild man at the pool. He wasn't real steady and after falling would prefer to crawl. The water was 8 inches deep and so he'd try to crawl, but he'd prefer to kick and splash. This usually ended up with him taking in mouthfuls of water. He came up smiling every time though. He loved it, but was out of control.

A little Blue moon in the afternoon...

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Angie said...

What hotel did you guys stay at? It looks like a blast, and not too far away! PS> Your scrapbook pages are beautiful!!!