Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Attack of the Good Neigh-Bear

This is for all my State Farm friends.

It started out friendly enough, a nice hug.

But then, it seemed as though they couldn't see eye to eye.

And the good neigh-bear just wouldn't listen.

So Megan decided to make him listen (or at least bite off his ear). Then the good Neigh-Bear pinned her. A fierce tussle erupted and they rolled back and forth.
But in the end, Megan won.

Living Life

What's new, what's new...I'm not sure how to categorize my life. On one hand, I feel that my life is incredibly full. On the other hand, the "full"ness of life comes from many, many seemingly insignificant moments. Don't misunderstand, I love being home with Megan and I am quite sure that the energy and love I put into the millions of "insignificant" moments will perhaps be my most significant accomplishment. It's only when I think about writing in this blog that I wonder what "interesting" things I have to share with the masses. And yes, I'm sorry for the ridiculous amounts of quotation marks.

Here's are some questions running through my mind today:
Why is Megan spitting up so much today?
Did she really get a nap at day care?
When will the cabinets in my attic be done?
What do I want for my birthday?
When do the trick-or-treaters come?
What should the activity be for the library Christmas event?
When should I start giving Megan other solids and what food should I start with?

I have no answers for these questions. I have vague ideas on some and no idea on others.

Fall Frolic

Alas, for those of you who come to the blog for pictures, I didn't think I had any new ones (our attic is all torn up while we put cabinets in and the computer is only partially put togehter), but here are some from a few weeks ago.

Kim, Tracy and I took our children out to take some fall pictures. The shoot got delayed a little and the babies got restless, but even being tired and hungry can't stop the cute factor.

Yep, the crying pink leopard belongs to me.
Here are Megan and Lily on a happier day.

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Megan Update

Well, Megan has added a whole lot of new things to her baby portfolio. She started laughing (big belly laughs) over Labor Day weekend (Yes, I realize that was over a month ago). She rolled over three weeks ago and thinks that grabbing her feet is pretty cool. She is also turning into quite a mama's girl. Part of me feels bad for Chad and a secret part of me feels special that when she's upset, she just wants her mama.

She likes to root for the Colts nowadays, much to the chagrine of our Steeler fan friends.

Here she models a dress made by Grandma G. So cute in her patent leather shoes.

She has also become a cousin twice in the last month. First to Adisyn Marie Gorrell born on September 12 and now to Jonathan Carlos Tejada. Next week we're going to meet her new cousin.