Sunday, June 24, 2007

Filling Out

I wanted to include the pictures below to show how Megan is growing. She is wearing the same outfit in an earlier blog entry, but it fits better now. At 3 weeks, she was up a pound from her birth weight and is starting to look pleasantly plump, which is just how we like babies at our house. (Sorry, I couldn't resist the picture of the tiny baby shoes!!)

In case you were wondering, she was dressed up for her "date" with Mom and Dad in State College. She went to Outback for dinner and went to the mall for the first of, if she takes after her mom at all, the first of many trips. She slept through most of the trip and just window shopped at the mall.


Last week (June 12-15), Megan had a visit from her Grandpa Warner, Aunt Suzy, but most importantly her big cousin Ariana. Ariana thought Megan was pretty great, referring to her as "my baby" the entire time and constantly offering her toys, blankets, and pacifiers. This is all a good sign considering she's going to get a baby at her house in October.
Doesn't Grandpa look happy? How is he going to hold Megan, Ariana and new Baby Tejada (name tba)?

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Megan and her Dad

Here are some pictures of Megan and her dad from the last week...

Saturday, June 2, 2007

Megan's First Playdate

Okay, so Megan slept through her first play date and it wasn't so much a play date as that Kim was nice enough to bring us dinner and stay to eat. Caden is exactly 3 months older than Megan and we hope that this was the first of many play dates and that they'll grow up to be buddies.