Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Please let it be spring...

I am hoping that days like yesterday and today are a sign of things to come. I know in my head that spring should follow winter, but at this point, I feel like winter wasn't planning on stopping this year. We had nice weather last week too, but it still took a week of days in the 40s and 50s to melt all the snow that had accumulated in my yard over the past several months.

Yesterday, we took advantage of the beautiful weather and ventured to the park. In addition to it being our first outing of the year, it was also the first outing of the Radio Flyer we received for Christmas.

While Megan ran around, Adam manned the wagon. He was happy to sit and play and take in the sunshine.

He also liked the swing.

Lily, Ella and Tracy met us there. It's amazing how being outside cures the girls of their desire to squabble with each other. We spent 3 hours at the park and even had an impromptu picnic.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Our friend Dopey

This is Dopey (the penquin). It is actually Adam's toy that he received for Christmas, but Megan named it and has adopted it as her daughter. She carries her all over the house along with her son, "Elephie." She loves to play mom. She cracks me up when she plays mom. She calls them, "hun" and "sweetie" and their bedtime routine is remarkably similar to what we do.

The other thing she does while pretending to be "mom" cracks me up is talk in the third person. Even when she was learning to talk, she used the proper pronouns. I, however, narrate what I'm doing in the third person, "Mommy's getting your drink" or "Mommy will be right back." So whenever she plays mommy, she uses the third person. It amazes me what she picks up on. I guess I'll chose to be flattered that she imitates me and be grateful that she isn't threatening to spank them or put them in timeout!

The other day, Adam and I stayed home from church, so he actually got a chance to play with his toy. He doesn't talk, but he seems like he and Dopey are having an interesting conversation.
Hi, I'm Adam.

Wanna dance?

I'm a little shy.

Mom, this girl is laughing at me...