Monday, August 31, 2009

Adam Smiling

Here are the best pictures we've gotten of Adam smiling. They were taken yesterday.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

2 month picture

Here is a snapshot of Adam at 2 months.

  • weighs almost 12 lbs (as of 8/26) which is 50th percentile
  • his head is in the 75th
  • is a good eater
  • has acid reflux, but the medicine seems to work
  • grunts a lot
  • smiles
  • is happy most of the time
  • is definitely the second child (poor guy gets none of the attention his sister got)
  • has slept a few 5 hours stretches, but not consistently
  • has finally started to go to bed before midnight

A Daddy Date

In the beginning of August, Chad and Megan went on a "playdate." He took her to a local restaurant and mini-golf place. The place had lots of "bouncers" and you can bounce as much as you want for $1. Megan thought it was great.

He asked if I thought she was ready for put-put and I looked at him for a moment and hesitantly said, "If there is no one else playing..."

They apparently had a great time, though from his description, it wasn't exactly golf. At each hole, he'd say, "Go find the hole" and Megan would run around until she found it. Then, he'd hit the ball to her and she'd put it in the hole...

The evening ended with vanilla ice cream and sprinkles.

For such a time as this...

Hundreds of hours of little league, pony league and previous softball seasons, all led up to this crowning moment of leading the First Baptist A team to the championship game.
This was Chad's first summer to pitch and apparently he is fairly good at it...I wouldn't really know because my knowledge of softball could fit in a thimble and we had to sit 150 yards away from the action to make sure none of the kids got beaned.
The tournament took place August 7 and 9th with one game on Friday and 5 (yes, 5) on Saturday. They ended up losing the final game, but it was a fun day that culminated in Chad saying something like, "Just think, all my life, I've been working toward this moment..."
And Adam, he really didn't care.

Adam's Hospital trip

A few weeks ago, Megan (and all her little friends) shared a virus. I didn't think Adam would get it (all those special antibodies from nursing and all), but about 3 days after Megan got rid of it, Adam had a fever. I had just read a few days before that you should call a doctor if a newborn runs a fever of over 100 degrees. I called expecting an answer of, "Give him tylenol and bring him in tomorrow." Well, the doctor said, "I'll call and have them ready to admit him." So, Adam and I drove over to the hospital at 11:30 and had a whole plethora of horrible things done. They drew blood, inserted a catheter, hung him by his arms to get an x-ray and then spent half an hour trying to insert the iv. Each thing seemed worse than the thing before. It was horrible to watch. Needless to say, neither of us really slept until 4:30 in the morning. The only symptom Adam really had was a fever. Anyway, they were erring on the side of caution and checking to make sure it wasn't a bacterial infection or something serious. Plus, I guess it doesn't take much for a little guy to get dehydrated. We stayed for 36 hours until the blood work came back to show that he didn't have a bacterial infection. By that point, Adam was in pretty good shape again. He was fever free, hydrated and happy to not have an iv in his head (or maybe it was me that was thrilled to have a wire and tube free baby.)

Overall, it was a very exhausting several days. Chad took the day off and Chad's mom came over for the day to help with Megan and so I could go home for a few hours to take a nap. Megan came up to visit before bed on Wednesday and played with the hospital bed and read a few books with me. She also came up on Thursday morning with grandma before we were finally released.

I'd apologize but...

I'd apologize for my lack of blogging, but I doubt that anything changes to make me a better blogger...I'll try to recap the last month through the next couple posts.

The kids looked especially cute today (I'm 100% biased), so we borrowed the neighbor's yard for a photo-op.

Here is the outtake:

Here is a smile photo of Adam this past week:

Megan adores Adam. I am constantly trying to keep her from squishing or waking him. She loves to grab his hands and say, "He's touching me!" and I think, "well, not exactly..."