Tuesday, July 8, 2008


So, Megan has pretty much mastered walking. She still falls a lot, but that's because she's going for speed. She is also a crazy daredevil and loves to climb. Everyday it seems that she can stretch a little further and climb up on something else that yesterday I considered, "safe." She cries when we come in from being outside and loves to play in the dirt, sand and rocks. Two of her most recent words are "ball" and "bubbles." All of this is to preface that in all her un-girliness, she loves shoes. The other day, I was going through some of her old clothes and found a pair of shoes that were too big last summer. I put them on her feet to see if they fit now, and even though her little heels were hanging over the edge of the sandals, she toddled around the room in them, falling regularly because of the illfit. When I took them off, she started to cry, so I grabbed her white Mary Janes and she wore them for the next hour. What made this funnier, was that it was a hot night, so she was only wearing her diaper and her prissy shoes.

Since that night, whenever she finds them, (usually where they last came off) she carries them to me to put it on her. They are a little big, so often after about 5 minutes, she has lost one of them. This doesn't slow her down too much and usually the other ends up some place weird like, the bath tub, her toy box or an empty wipe container...

She is "dancing" in the above photo. Now that she can stand uninhibited, she has added quite a few moves to her dance repertoire including some side to side action, knee bends and the occasional foot stomp. I will have to catch some video of this. Yeah, she'll pretty much stop to "break it down" just about anywhere.

Back on the wagon...

Sorry to all of my 5 loyal blog readers, I have fallen off the blog wagon. Today, I will attempt to climb back on...

So last month, Megan and I went to Indiana and spent a few days in La Porte with Grandma, Grandpa, Aunt Suzy, Jonathan and Ariana. We visited a few of my favorite haunts. The first day we went to Lake Michigan and Carlson's, the best root beer stand ever. Suzy and I also went to Shipshewana one day and I saw a few friends from high school and college although I didn't get to see as many as I wanted (Alisha, if you read this, send my your number via facebook...)

Megan loved the sand, but was not so into the frigid water.

I love this face.

Baby J got a little of Grandma's rootbeer float.