Wednesday, August 25, 2010


A very nice lady who works with Chad gave us free passes to a semi-local amusement park. We went a few Saturdays ago and had a great time.

Here is my new favorite picture (although it was the last one taken that day).

The park is fairly small in comparison to say, Cedar Point, but it was perfect for our foursome. They have a cluster of 8-10 kiddie rides and Megan rode almost all of them. Adam rode quite a few also. You may have to zoom in to see it, but Megan's face while she "drove" cracked me up. She had this serene, just going about my business look that was trying to mask the excitement of driving.

I had my doubts about whether Adam was ready to ride anything, I mean, he doesn't exactly like to sit, but I was wrong. He LOVED to ride the rides and was spinning the wheel and everything.
On a side note, he is really growing up. He's walking great, but there have been lots of other little changes. Things are starting to click for him. If he finds my phone, he holds it up to his ear (well, really it's behind, but the idea is there). He loves to put objects inside other objects. I was loading the dishwasher the other day and realized he was taking forks and spoons and putting them inside the watering pot I keep in our mudroom. He also likes to find the largest or most cumbersome object in the room and carry it everywhere with him. He leaves a little trail wherever he goes. I picked up the house while he was napping and within about 15 minutes of him waking up I had several trails. He picked up the baby doll potty in Megan's room, carried it to his room where it was replaced for a more interesting toy, which I found downstairs by the open cabinet door. I then found a bowl and a spoon on the stairwell where he left it when it just got to be too much of a hassle to get all the way upstairs. This is constant. He always has something in his hands. Oh, and at 14 months, he's the oldest kid in the world to have NO TEETH.

Megan insisted on funnel cake although neither Chad nor I suggested it.

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