Sunday, September 28, 2008


I feel like Megan has suddenly started to express everything we've talked about over the last 15 months. She is regularly doing and saying things that I didn't realize she knew or remembered.

Animal sounds are an example. We have been looking at animal picture books for easily the last 9 months. Her favorite books are "Dear Zoo" and a cheap book with cartoon pictures of animals that I got in Target. I have been making animal sounds for months. Then, when we were on vacation she started saying, "moo, nee and do-do (elephant)." Just out of curiousity, I asked her sheep, chicken, cat, owl and wolf and she did them all. The first three animals (cow, horse, elephant) I would show her in a picture and then ask her, but the rest I asked her while playing outside. Anyway, this is just and example of the ways she has been surprising me lately.

Here is a video of her animal sounds, she was really distracted, but I'll try again soon.

She has also started nodding her head empatically. It's pretty funny and a fair amount of the time she will nod yes no matter what the question. Below is a video of her wanting candy (I tried to bribe her to pay attention to the animal sounds. It didn't work).


Kristin said...

I notice she's wearing fall/winter clothes ... I'm hoping we get there soon because Cate has outgrown most of her shorts and short-sleeved things. But it's still been in the 80s ...

J.B. said...

Ahh! She's so cute!