Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Doing a little "home improvement"

We have been doing some serious painting over the past few weeks. I have no "after" pictures, because we have some accesories to put out still, but I'll give you all some action shots.

I was very happy to see this mural disappear.

Me, painting over one of the mini murals.

Bruce and Sherry drove over for the day to help. It was a major blessing or we would have never gotten the foyer primed and painted in one day. As you might imagine, several coats of primer were necessary...Sherry is peeling the fake plastic roses off of the entryway in case you were wondering.

The new color is a yellow/gold color which definitely sets the woodwork off. Like I said, pictures later.

The living room didn't go quite as smoothly. We primed and painted it a green color that somehow morphed into mint green (the lighter color) in between the color card and the actual wall. FYI, mint green is my least favorite color in the entire world. I have been known to throw away perfectly good sheets of paper from a variety pack of cardstock solely because they were mint green. Sage green, great, seafoam, okay, mint, no. At first we were going to add stripes throughout the room, but I didn't like our sample stripe and didn't want to do the hours of labor to add stripes and still hate the room. The entire room ended up being the darker green and it looks okay. I don't love it yet, but I can only paint a room so many times.

Megan worked pretty hard on the whole process.

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