Monday, September 29, 2008

Animals revisited

Here is a somewhat more attentive Megan doing animal sounds.

Note- "Pablo" is her favorite character on the show Backyardigans. She has a stuffed Pablo toy and 2 sippy cups with Pablo on them. She talks about him regularly. On several of the episodes of Backyardigans, Pablo rides a horse, thus the conversation:
Mommy: "What does a horse say?"
Megan: "Pablo."

This is Megan not using her spoon. Last week, she started using a spoon. Before then, she always let me feed her, so I avoided the mess by not letting her use the spoon. This morning she ate about half of her yogurt with her spoon. While she slowly ate a cereal bar and more yogurt, I started unloading the dishwasher. At this point, she apparently decided she no longer needed the spoon and attempted to drink her yogurt. Lovely.

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Kristin said...

It told me the video was no longer available ...