Sunday, September 28, 2008

Our House-Part zillion

Yesterday, we had company for dinner which provided the perfect motivation to get some stuff done around the house. We finally added the finishing touches to the foyer. I haven't gotten all the "deep cleaning" done yet, but I want to wait until all the first floor painting is done before I do all the washing and polishing.


Here is the stairwell with the metal tiles we found at Hobby Lobby. The yellow is more vibrant in real life.

The old curtains:

We got a "new" old piece of furniture. My mom refinished this seat over 35 years ago. My parents didn't have a house at the time so my grandma asked for it. My grandma in turn gave it to my uncle. My uncle recently moved into a smaller house and has been storing it in the attic. None of my cousins wanted it, so she offered it to me because she knew we lived in an old, my moms hard work has made it to Pennsylvania...I bet she never thought that would happen. It has almost been coast to coast, because my uncle had it in Oregon. I feel like I should drive it to New Jersey just to complete it's journey...

The door:

No more roses on the door.

Chad's grandparents spent last weekend with us. I think Megan impressed them with her animal sounds. And of course, after they left they told Chad's parents they thought I was pregnant...again...this is not true, but entertaining to me...

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Kristin said...

The foyer and downstairs looks great!