Saturday, November 1, 2008

Meeting Clifford

Our local library had an event this past Tuesday to meet Clifford and get a free book. We took Megan and she thought it was pretty fun. She wouldn't sit on his lap, but she touched his foot, pointed to his eyes and gave him high-5s (well, low 5s, afterall he's the BIG red dog.) She had a good time.

We visit the library every two weeks. The children's department is nice, they have puzzles, a play house, blocks, puppets and of course, books! She loves "Spot" books and recently has been into the "Thomas the Train" books. Our favorite right now is called, "You and Me Baby" and she will randomly say the first two lines even though we returned it last week. Since I have the book memorized, I tell it to her while she acts out what all the babies in the book are doing. Very cute, very funny.

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