Saturday, November 1, 2008

The cutest lion

Megan was an adorable lion for Halloween thanks to Grandma Gorrell's smart shopping after Halloween last year. She was a little reluctant about the costume at first, but once it was on she was okay with it. I had left the lion mane out with her toys for weeks trying to get her used to it and every couple days I'd ask if she wanted to try it on, she always said no. Lucky for me the photo crazed parent, the mane snaps to the body of the outfit. We slipped it on, snapped it in place and the poor thing couldn't get it off...

We took her across the street to the neighbors who had M&Ms just for Megan because they know Megan loves M&Ms.

She didn't want to take pictures, she wanted candy.

She was trying to discover how many licks it takes to get to the tootsie roll center of the tootsit pop.

If candy weren't bad for her, I'd give her a sucker everyday. She sat still for 15 minutes working on the sucker. There are days where I would do some crazy things to get her to sit still for 15 minutes.

After the local trick-or-treat night ended, Chad and I went to a costume party. For those of you none locals, our costumes need an explanation.

Everyone in DuBois refers to the plant Chad works at as, "the Cheese Plant." The strange thing is, they don't make cheese there. When the plant was being built there was an article in the local paper about it and it said the plant would make cheese, which at the time was true. The cheese business never really took off and so instead they make coffee syrup for duncan donuts, beverages, mayonnaise, ketchup and anything else that seems like a profit could be made. The community still refers to it as "the cheese plant." We have received many a blank stare when we say, "Chad works at Giuseppe's Finer Foods." We follow that with, "it's part of ICP?" When the confusion still exists, we resort to, "the cheese plant on Oklahoma Salem." At which point a lightbulb seems to come on and the person usually asks something about cheese and what the plant makes and we have to explain that, "No, they don't actually make cheese."

Okay, now that the background is clear, Chad and I dressed up as superheroes. He was Cheese and I was a Plant and together we combined forces to be, "Cheese Plant."

And finally, this is the pumpkin we carved at the party. I was pretty proud of our effort. We went boys versus girls and the boys made a Steelers emblem and then used a DRILL to write the word "Steelers" into the pumpkin. It was Chad's idea. We ladies made due with our little carving knife.

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