Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Sunday-The Day of Rest

Sunday is to be a day of rest. Megan apparently took this to heart on Sunday as she did something she has never done before. She fell asleep in her high chair. She was pretty much done with her food so I guess she decided it wasn't worth waiting to get upstairs. Notice the pretty frilly socks. I had taken off her dress, leaving her in her onsie, fancy pants and patent leather shoes.

To be honest, Sunday is about the least restful day of the week for Megan. We start it by waking her up early. We hurry to feed and dress her, and wisk her off to church. After she sits and watches praise team rehearse for about 30 minutes, we take her and leave her with a bunch of babies and some adults she usually doesn't know. We expect her to be happy about this all the while she misses her nap which usually lasts from 10:00 to 11:30. I usually try and check on her between church and Sunday school. By the time we pick her up at around 11:50, she has had it.


Kristin said...

That's adorable! :)

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