Thursday, April 10, 2008

At the Park

The spring weather I have been longing for has finally arrived. We have been celebrating this by walking almost every day. Along our walking route there is a school with a nice little playground. We stopped last Saturday (and again on Sunday) and let Megan experience "the slide" and the new safe version of the teeter totter. She loved both.

Here's a video on the slide:

Tonight, we went to another park and took her on the swings. She definitely enjoyed them and was all smiles.

Note: My good friend Kristin pointed out that "Real spring is when Megan doesn't need a winter hat! :) " This is probably true when you live in a tropical climate like Kentucky, but here in PA we call it spring if the sun is shining and the frost melted off the cars before 8 am...It really has been nice here, but there has been a breeze at times and I'm probably slightly over-protective of Megan's ears. Yesterday, a local bank displayed the temp as 71 degrees, but we went to the park around 6:30 and it had chilled quite a bit and looked like rain...Yes, Kristin, I hope to ditch the winter hat soon.


Kristin said...

Real spring is when Megan doesn't need a winter hat! :)

Kristin said...

Tropical climate like Kentucky ... You crack me up!

Just for the record, Cate is wearing capris today. Although it's supposed to get back into the 30s this weekend, so we may have to break out the winter hat again. :)

So may not tropical as much as wishy-washy weather in Kentucky!