Thursday, April 10, 2008


The dress in these pictures is one of my absolute favorites. It is actually a 3 month size, but because Megan is small and the dress is big, it still fits (for now).

She was really not in the mood for the photo shoot, it was after church where she always misses her morning nap. By 12:30 on Sunday, she has had it (but isn't she still cute?).

For some perspective, I thought I'd put this picture up of the first time she wore it at Tim and Mindy's wedding. She was six weeks old, still slept all the time, couldn't hold up her own head. Now, she's always on the go. Sitting, crawling, feeding herself, throwing her ball, looking at books, pulling up on furniture, babbling constantly, smiling, laughing. Everyone says, "It goes by fast." I never disputed it, I just hope I'm making the most of every moment.

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