Saturday, April 5, 2008

Kissin' Bacon Revisited

So, I got a bunch of photos in the mail yesterday and decided to start with these new ones. I'm not completely in love with the page, but it'll do. Page number 1 for April...In case you are wondering how March went, I'm counting it as an 8 page month...I technically only have 4 pages to show for it, but I did 2 scrapbook type projects. One was a little mini-journal type thing that was used to write notes to a friend leaving for the army. The other was a recipe box for my sister...I'm counting that as 3 because it required decorating said box and then typing up about 60 recipes, printing, cutting, and covering the recipes with contact paper.

Here are some pictures of my recipe box, I forgot to take pictures of the one I made my sister. Hers is cuter than mine...


Emily said...

Katy... I love your kissin Bacon page, soo cute!! Great colors and
I see your using that silhouette, I'm soo jealous... I think I "need: one of those!!

Kristin said...

I like the colors! It's a cute page.

I'd count the recipe box too. I might need to make one of those!