Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Our House Part 5-The Parlor

Since moving in, we have not done anything to the main floor (other than say, cooking, eating and washing dishes). It consists of a large foyer, kitchen, dining room and a room I like to refer to as, "the parlor." To date, the parlor has been mainly storage of items I was saving for a garage sale, a depository for my china which was in nice piles on the floor (I decided it was time to find a new home with Megan on the move), and a home for mismatched hand-me down furniture. Yesterday, I took the bull by the horns and cleaned it out and made it almost look like a room...

This is the view looking into the room from the foyer. Pay special attention to the lovely blue and green combo...Wow, terrible...

A year ago, my aunt gave me a set of tea dishes that belonged to my Grandma Warner. I got it out the other day b/c I was considering using it for a tea party at church and decided I might as well display it.

Here is a token picture of Megan as I know she is the main reason most people read the blog:

This is a view from the parlor looking into the dining room, two sides of the room have french doors (which I love).

Here is the view facing the front of the house.

The ceiling has this cool gold wallpaper (one of the only things I like that the previous owners did) but some of it needs to be re-pasted. The ceiling fan will most likely be leaving when we remodel.

Remember the hand-me down furniture? Here is a piece I really like that my parents gave us...except it's missing a key element. I was able to donate a couch that was given to me to our church nursery project. It just wasn't what I had in mind for the room.

This is the view going into the foyer from the parlor.

I know all of you wanted a closer look at this lovely mural...more handiwork of the previous owners.

So my current project is to decide what and how to make this space look inviting and complete without spending a fortune. I think a vast improvement could be made by simply painting, I'm just not sure what colors I want to go with. I love the woodwork throughout this floor, so I want to pick colors that highlight/compliment the wood. I'm thinking yellows, greens and accents of red, but I'm not sure. I went color sampling at Lowe's yesterday and checked out some design books from the library today...Hopefully, I'll make up my mind before too long. Of course, then we have to find time to do it.


Kristin said...

You crack me up with your token picture of Megan! :) I agree that yellows, greens, some red and maybe even some khaki would look good in there.

Anonymous said...

I think you can obtain/make a replacement for that key element on the little loveseat. I love the french doors and the beautiful woodwork in your house.

big brother said...

I would leave the mural the way it is and the parlor too for that matter. Use them as a esteem builder for yourself. Every time I passed flinchingly those hideous abuses of paint, no doubt slathered proudly, I would think to myself, 'wow, I'm really awesome because at no point in life would I have ever thought that abomination of colors besmurching the name of decor was a good idea.' Then I would look at it reflectively again, try to hold the bile down, and think ever more amazed, 'wow, it is astounding that these things could really be so offensive, sometimes blind people really do have it made.'