Monday, March 24, 2008

Here comes Peter Cottontail...

Megan had a very nice Easter. She actually did okay in the nursery at church (she hasn't been liking it too much the past few weeks.) She fell asleep as soon as we got home which is good because I needed to finish lunch preparations and she was in melt down mode. When she woke up, she ate her lunch with a crowd of adoring grandparents, an uncle and 3 great grandparents to watch. Then, she opened an Easter present from G'ma and G'pa (a swimsuit!) and moved on to her Easter basket. I know it's silly to get her an Easter basket, but it was fun for Chad and I to do. She got an Easter book, a lamb puppet and plastic eggs with graham cracker cookies inside.

Her dress was a gift from Aunt Suzy, she had cute little shoes on earlier, but the day got a little crazy and I didn't get the picturesque shots I hoped for.

She really liked the eggs (and graham crackers). She thinks the lamb puppet is pretty great, even though I was picked on without mercy because, "Real lambs don't sound like that."

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Kristin said...

So do you think moms like me who didn't get their baby an Easter basket fall into the neglectful mother category?! I figured the grandmas would take care of that ... and they did. :)