Saturday, August 9, 2008

Hocking Hills

In the middle of July, the Warner family all got together for a long (but not long enough) weekend in the Hocking Hills region of Ohio. A gold star goes to anyone who actually knows where that is...It is a region southeast of Columbus. It's a beautiful area with tons of hills, sandstone cliffs, caverns and forests.

Here is part of the family exploring "Old Man's Cave," so named for a recluse who chose to live in the cavernous area during the 1870s.

Megan, despite the fact that she loves to walk, run, crawl, hop, roll, etc., was quite happy to be in the pack unless I stopped moving.

She loves all forms of water and will walk right in regardless of shoes, socks or possible dangers. After the picture below was taken she threw a major fit because we wouldn't let her in the water.

The next day we got smart and brought her sandals which were much easier to remove and thus she was allowed to play more. The below picture was at the end of a fairly strenuous 3 mile hike. I let her get completely wet because the diaper and outfit were coming off soon anyway,

Here Megan and Jonathan were having a pillow fight.

Mom and Dad very graciously paid for the cabin as dad's "retirement present" to the family. Somehow I'm not sure it is supposed to work that way, but it was a very nice cabin and it had a hot tub.

On Sunday, we spent the morning at Lake Logan, where Megan again ended up in the water. We also went to the pool on Friday, but I didn't get pictures. She has absolutely no fear of water (other than she doesn't like having water run over her head) which is fun on one hand, but a little scary on the other.


Kristin said...

I love that bottom picture of the water splashing on her.

J.B. said...

Man . . . she is a cute little thing!

I totally know where Hocking Hills is! I have even been there before. In fact, that's where I was when I had my "spiritual epiphany," as I would call it, I suppose.

I got baptized shortly after that visit, and I have never forgotten how I felt while I was there (I still feel it everyday). My life was very different from that day forward. It's a beautiful place.

(That was after my junior year of college in the summer.)

Thanks for sharing!