Saturday, August 9, 2008

Helping with the dishes

As mentioned in previous posts, Megan has a thing for water (bubble). A few weeks ago, before her bath, I thought I'd see what she thought of "helping" me with the dishes. I put a towel down next to the sink, sat her on it and gave her a little cup. She sat for 10 minutes, dipping her bowl, rinsing her bowl, dipping her bowl, rinsing her bowl, dumping her bowl, well, you get the picture. She would have sat longer, but I finished up the dishes. She threw a little fit when I put her down.

The pictures below are from Sunday after church. I had told Chad about her helping me and he didn't believe it, so we took off her dress and she repeated her performance.

The only problem now is that any time I'm at the sink, she starts to point and whine because she wants up to play!

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