Saturday, August 9, 2008

A few of her favorite things...

I was ironing a few weeks ago and I put Megan's gate up so that she couldn't accidently pull the iron over or do something equally horrible. I checked on her every few minutes and on one of my trips in, the below scene is what I found. She had crawled into her chair by herself (didn't know she could do that) and apparently thought ahead to bring some reading material with her. Either that or she got up the first time and realized she had nothing to do, so she got down, put a few books on the chair and got back up...When she saw me come in, she used all the momentum she could muster to rock the chair wildly. This is just one part of a current chair trend. She likes to sit in chairs of all kinds and tends to sit in said chairs with a grin that seems to say, "I'm big stuff, I can sit in this chair." I'm not sure I completely understand the fascination, but I enjoy the resulting stillness that sitting in a chair tends to bring.

Megan is not into raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens, but here are a few of her favorite words:

Ball (definition is currently being expanded to include circles)
Bubble (which not only means bubbles, but liquid of any kind)
Baby (any person)
Daddy (says the name of whatever parent is not around at the time)
Wee (translation swing)
Dog (which sounds a lot like duck, but I'm going to count it)
Cracker (sounds like cu-cu, but is discernible as cracker)
Beep (made when she sees anything with buttons)
Hi (but only when she is holding a phone)
Na-na (banana, which ironically she will say but rarely eat)
Uh-Oh (when she is preparing to drop something)
No-no-no (always in multiples and always after I tell her no)

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Kristin said...

Cate also is fond of chairs ... ones her size and bigger! :)