Tuesday, December 4, 2007

A lot to be thankful for...

Again, belated but I figured I'd copy my friend Kristin, who was copying her friend Shelly, and make a list of all I'm thankful for in addition to posting some thanksgiving pictures.

1. Megan
2. A wonderful husband

3. That my wonderful husband is a wonderful dad

4. our home

5. my new cabinets

6. the dream of finding time to scrapbook

7. my mom and dad

8. Suzy (and our friendship)

9. Tim (and the fact that he'll be moving a few hours closer)

10. a new sister-in-law

11. Megan's new cousins

12. Chad's family

13. Tracy and Kim

14. the rest of our church friends

15. our church

16. that I'm able to stay home with Megan

17. the internet

18. cell phones

19. music

20. Anne of Green Gables

21. ice cream

22. scrapbook supplies

23. books in general

24. heat

25. snow

26. mother-in-laws who come babysit

27. pacifiers

28. easy recipes that taste good

29. Christmas music

30. DVR

31. digital cameras

32. disposable diapers

33. blue eyes and little baby smiles (and laughs)

34. naps

35. fantasy football (and football in general)

36. sandwiches

37. far away friends (although I'm not thankful they are far away)
38. shopping

39. birthdays

40. chocolate

41. Chad's job

42. clothes

43. cozy blankets

44. lunches with Chad

45. walks

46. laughter

47. Christmas time

48. the beauty of nature

49. soda

50. that I'm aware of how many things I have to be thankful (little and big)

Megan and Adisyn had matching outfits (sort of) for Thanksgiving. It was Adisyn's first time wearing a dress and Megan's first time to wear a skirt (but she's wears dresses all the time).

Megan sat up for the first time by herself the Friday after Thanksgiving. Below is a not so successful attempt at a picture of this new milestone.

Chad's mom kept some of his toys from when he was a baby. Below is a picture of Chad and Megan playing with what was his favorite toy as a baby. Thankfully, he has learned to share over the years. He apparently clobbered Todd with it when he tried to play with it as a baby.


Kristin said...

Gosh, Megan is looking grown up ... Cate really wants to meet her!

Nate said...

Really like the family photo!