Thursday, December 13, 2007

Have a Mary Christmas...

No, the title is not a typo. I was reading a book called, "Can Martha have a Mary Christmas?" and the title seemed fitting. It parallels the story of Mary and Martha from the Bible and talks about how Martha worked hard and Mary stopped to listen Jesus. The author goes on to talk about Christmas being the most "Martha" season of the year even though as Christians we should be "Marys." I'm feeling pretty "Martha-ee" today. I have had a list of things to get through this month, maybe I'll list what I've accomplished and what I have left for all my faithful blog readers...if I have any of those...

1. Christmas musical-check
2. church Christmas library event-check
3. lunch for former co-workers-check
4. Christmas shopping-check (except for the ones Chad said he'd buy-which means we'll probably end up buying them at a rest stop on the way to Christmas...)
5. Christmas tree up-check
6. Decorations out-check
7. Christmas pictures ordered-check (this maybe shouldn't count until the cards actually go out, but ordering them was a big deal too.)

Now, to do...
1. Burn old videos into dvds for parents
2. write and mail Christmas letter
3. finish scrapbook for Linda's mom

Wow, that's less than I thought, I'm feeling Mary already!!! I will choose not to think about the hours those things require...

Here are some of the pictures from Megan's Christmas photo shoot.

On a side note, Chad and I decided instead of exchanging presents (aside from the watches we had already picked out for each other) we would use the money to fly to Murray...check your calendar Kristin...we don't really have a date in mind and there are a few things up in the air, but my mood is cheerier just thinking about it. Plus, no extra shopping!

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Kristin said...

I think flying to Murray -- well, Nashville, right? -- is a super idea! Most of January and February look good. Call me or e-mail me when you're ready to pick a date. Our guest room is waiting ...