Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Happy Halloween...err Thanksgiving...uh, Christmas?

So I think the whole point of a blog is to update on a regular basis. Unfortunately, I'm not that organized and I download pictures every 2 months. (I've only developed pictures once since Megan was born!) So, I'm going to share an overview of the last month and a half.

Happy Halloween!

She is seriously about the cutest pink leopard out there! And no, we did not take her around the neighborhood. We only took her across the street where she received $1 in quarters for her piggy bank. She did wear her costume to day care and for a few social calls.


Kristin said...

You have a lot of fall decorations! Impressive. And that is a very cute pink leopard.

Katy Gorrell said...

Oh, that's our neighbors yard...our yard was decorated with fallen leaves...