Thursday, May 7, 2009

Poor Baby No Name

I have taken to referring to the baby as: Poor Baby No Name because I can't manage to like the same name for more than 3 days. I think as a result of the guilt I feel about not having a name for him, I have been busy working on his room.

I recovered the chair from Megan's room and put a new cushion on it. It is much more comfortable now. The dresser was extremely cheap from K-mart. I did without one for Megan, but now that I have one in her room, I realize how much of a pain the old system was and I am going for simplicity this time around. The drawers are already full of clean and sorted clothes, hand me downs from Jonathan, new from my mom or clearance deals I have found.

I'm feeling pretty well organized at this point and I still have 2 months to go. I am relieved to have most of this done, because the blue room had become a catch all for months. It was filled with clothes: ones that Megan had grown out of or hand-me downs that didn't fit, maternity clothes, pre-pregnancy clothes, and clothes for the new baby. It was also filled with our books that we took off the shelf/headboard we moved to Megan's room, home decor not being used, extra blankets, extra furniture, as well as toys, books and baby things. It was a disaster and every time I went in there to find something I cringed...

The room was already blue (good planning on our part from 2 1/2 years ago) and the curtains are the same as before, but I added the red tie backs and the cute little wood cut outs. I found the cut outs at Hobby Lobby for 59 cents a piece and the tie backs are made from left over fabric from the chair.

I made the changing table cover with some discount fabric from JoAnn's. I'm trying to come up with something else I can make with the extra b/c it's cute. Maybe some burp clothes.

The only think left to do (other than Chad's projects of adding a dimmer/remote control for the fan and painting the closet) is to create some art work. I plan to recreate some of the designs from the bedding out of scrapbook paper and frame them above the bed. I'm also wanting to use canvas to put his name up above the changing table. This of course will require a name...I can't get away from that...Our friend Phil and his daughter Lily have started referring to the baby as Horatio. I told Chad** yesterday that if I don't have a name picked out by the time we get to the hospital I will name the baby Horatio...

**see note

In case you were wondering, this is Megan's new bed. It is actually mine from when I was about 12 or maybe 14. I asked my dad for a bookshelf head board and this is what we designed. She has been in her big girl bed for a little over a month but we didn't add the frame and bed springs until this weekend. I wanted her to practice with a 6 inch fall vs. 2 feet. Chad came up with a bed rail which is working quite well so far. I think Megan likes her bed even better now that it is higher. She loves to sit on it and read books and she has been going to sleep so easily. The first couple weeks it took a while, but now she stays. I think adding a nightlight also helped.

Bruce and Sherry gave us an old dresser for the room which has come in handy. Eventually, we will probably upgrade to different furniture (probably when a third child is added), but for now, we are in good shape.

**Note:In case you were wondering, Chad does get a say in the choosing of the name, he just doesn't have very strong opinions on it. His list of acceptable names has like 50 names on it...mine has 3 and they rotate. There have been a few suggestions I had that he nixed, like Neal and there are a few he likes better than others. I'd tell you what my current top two are but they would immediately become out of date...I think boy names are harder to come up with than girl names. Any one experience something similar?


Kristin said...

Greg and I don't agree on boy names, so if we end up adopting a boy, we may have this same problem. :)

Kristin said...

Oh, and, the room looks adorable! I can't believe he'll be here in a couple of months! How exciting!

Mandy said...

I think the room looks fabulous and wanted to pass along an idea for wall art. I found a stencil pattern that I liked and traced it onto a piece of transparency. I took my overhead projector from school and projected the image big on the wall, traced it with a pencil, then filled in the area with a paintbrush. It took about a day, but Robbie has adorable 18" high autos and street signs zooming around the base of the room. There are pictures of it in my August or July blog posts if you're interested. I agree about the names though. Being a teacher makes it double tough because you think, "Ack. I can't name him such-n-such because I had one in class who was such a creep!" Good luck dearie!