Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend

The past several weeks have been a little crazy and plagued with illness of some sort. Two weeks ago, Megan ran a fever for several days which turned into a cold with chest congestion and the works. Normally, she is a Mama's girl, this is magnified by a billion when she is sick and made for a fairly unproductive week. Chad and I both ended up with the cold/cough she had and felt fairly miserable. Last week, I took both Chad and Megan to the doctor on separate days, both ending up needing to go for lab work and a chest x-ray to rule out pneumonia. Both came back clear of anything detectable and an antibiotic seemed to help. In addition to being cranky, Megan decided she didn't want to use the potty anymore and wet her pants 3-4 times a day...Not sure what that is all about...

I was very glad when my parents came this weekend. We all needed a break from the crazy. By Friday, Megan was pretty healthy again, Chad's worst day was Friday, having run a fever of 103 the night before, so it was nice to have someone to help with Megan.

We went to a local festival. Pretty rinky-dink, but Megan didn't care.

She rode the carousel and this bug ride, she sat without much expression, but when she got off, she said it was fun.

Saturday we had cupcakes in honor of her approaching birthday and let her have her birthday present from Aunt Suzy. With the new baby coming, I wanted toys that she could play with independently. She loves dolls, but didn't have any she could dress herself. I found these "Snap-N-Play" dolls by Fisher-Price and it is awesome. The clothes are plastic and snap on and off, she can do it by herself and loves her "hats" and "shoes."

We spent most of the afternoon in the backyard and brought out her swimming pool.

On Sunday, we took advantage of a friend's offer to use his pool. Megan continues to love water and was happy to let Chad toss her.

After the pool, we stopped for ice cream.

Thanks Dad for sharing your pictures.

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