Monday, April 13, 2009


So I didn't capture the original moment, but the re-enactment is cute. We were playing outside, so I gave Megan a juice box (a special treat). She took a big first drink and said, "Mmm, Delicious."

She found a piece of newspaper that had blown into our yard and carried it everywhere for the next hour. She was cracking me up holding it like she was reading while swinging. (Note, it is difficult to snap a picture of a child swinging.)

She apparently wanted to eat her morning waffle in her box.

One of Megan's newest things to do is to tell "Knock Knock" jokes. Her favorite episode of Backyardigans has Uniqua telling two such jokes and she started asking repeating parts of it. The above video is a combination of her jokes. The first is the classic:

Knock knock

Who's there?

Banana, then you repeat all of it again, the punchline is "Orange you glad I didn't say banana?"

Well, she usually starts the joke with orange and keeps saying different parts as long as the laughs continue.

She ends up with "Don't Cry" in this video, which is a completely different joke...

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Anonymous said...

Megan is awesome!