Monday, January 21, 2008

Attic Addition

In October, we added some base cabinets to our attic for additional storage (and an awesome scrapbook space) and to help keep it childproof.

Here is the main section. It's 8' x 10'.

This is the other angle of it.

One of my goals was to have as few cords and techno stuff showing as possible. I think this was fairly well acheived. The cpu and the components are all in one cabinet and the office supply/bill/mail stuff is in the other.

The rest makes up my beautiful SCRAPBOOK space! I have never been more organized and it is making my scrapbook time much more efficient. I know where everything is and can access it quickly. The first cabinet has my paper and projects in progress as well as my newly organized photo albums.

The lazy susan while not exactly what I wanted at first, is ideal for my jars of ribbon, buttons, flowers, etc.

In the middle cabinet, I used a tension rod to hang all my sheets of stickers, rub-ons and other flat additions. This way I can just flip through very quickly in search of that oh so perfect embellishment.

The drawers hold the tools so I can just grab and go. (Once I get scrapbooking however, I often still lose them under a pile of paper...)

We also installed some cabinets in another part of the room to house a mini-fridge, microwave, board games and other things we use regularly for entertaining. The cabinets are ideal for scrapbooking as they are just the right height to stand at a work surface (and tall enough that Megan will be like 6 before she can reach anything). We found out at our New Year's Party, they also work great for entertaining.

I posted pictures of the rest of our attic in May, if you want to see the before.


Kristin said...

What a pretty space! And so organized! Get scrappin' and enjoy that space!

LeeAnn said...


I don't know if you remembered me or not, but I used to shop at Remember When quite a bit with my friends Katie and Andrea. I found your blog through Kristin's. Your new room is freaking amazing! I'm super jealous.