Friday, July 20, 2007

Our House-Part 3

I finally completed the final touches on Megan's room (the pictures/scrapbook pages above her bed and her name aboe the crib). Six weeks old, that's not bad...

Several weeks before the ultrasound to determine that we were getting a Megan and not a Zach or a Noah, Chad and I discussed how we should decorate the baby's room. He was quite content to leave it the bright sunshine yellow (like sunshine, it hurt your eyes) using the argument that yellow is neutral. At that time, I told him for a little girl, I would paint the room pink and for a little boy I would paint it blue and green. He said okay. About 20 minutes after the ultrasound, suddenly pink became an issue. What shade of pink? How about white paint, with a pink tint? Why not yellow? Needless to say, these options were vetoed and I brought to the table a compromise of pink and green. And, when all is said and done, I think we are both really happy with how it turned out. Plus, I'm pretty sure Chad was just giving me a hard time didn't really care about the color.

And I'll try to write more about the wedding later and put some other pictures up, but here is a sneak preview:


Kristin said...

Not to get greedy or anything but could you also post close-up shots of those scrapbook pages above the changing table. That's the area in Cate's room that needs sometime. ideally, I'd like to find a simple black shelf and hang that with maybe a frame with a scrapbook page. So ... really, what I'm saying, I need you and Megan for inspiration. :) That picture from the wedding is adorable. I can't wait to see more and hear more about your trip and a plane ride with a baby.

Anonymous said...

Chad! You caved! It's OK, I did, too :-). The room looks good. We're in the process of painting the nursery right now. I'll post some pics on our blog once it is finished.