Saturday, June 26, 2010

Story Hour

I tend to be a little crazy about reading. I read all the time and always have stacks of books beside my bed. I essentially run our church library, which is exceptionally time consuming when done correctly (and I don't always have the time). I'm even thinking about becoming a librarian when I grow up...All this to say, when Megan became old enough to attend story hour, we signed up. I took my camera numerous times to take pictures, including the first day, but either forgot or was too embarrassed to get it out to take pictures...I finally overcame all obstacles and got a few pictures the last day.

Touch your elbow...
Touch your it's time to begin.
I'm not sure who enjoyed it more. I remember going to story hour with mom and doing fingerplays like "Where is Thumb-kin." Chad even got me a shirt for Christmas that says, "Books make me happy." Megan loves to read though, so I must be passing on some good things.

Adam is along for the ride. Hopefully, he'll learn to love books too, although I find it hard to find a good time to read with him.

The summer reading program at the library has a water theme and they had an "Under the Sea Princess Party." I saw this material (the night before the program of course) and decided to make Megan this little dress. I hung it in her room as a surprise and the first thing I heard that morning was, "Beautiful...(long pause) beautiful, oh, it's so beautiful" and then she ran in to tell me about it. It was definitely worth the effort.

And again, Adam along for the ride. Here he is playing in the "ocean."

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