Monday, March 8, 2010

Our friend Dopey

This is Dopey (the penquin). It is actually Adam's toy that he received for Christmas, but Megan named it and has adopted it as her daughter. She carries her all over the house along with her son, "Elephie." She loves to play mom. She cracks me up when she plays mom. She calls them, "hun" and "sweetie" and their bedtime routine is remarkably similar to what we do.

The other thing she does while pretending to be "mom" cracks me up is talk in the third person. Even when she was learning to talk, she used the proper pronouns. I, however, narrate what I'm doing in the third person, "Mommy's getting your drink" or "Mommy will be right back." So whenever she plays mommy, she uses the third person. It amazes me what she picks up on. I guess I'll chose to be flattered that she imitates me and be grateful that she isn't threatening to spank them or put them in timeout!

The other day, Adam and I stayed home from church, so he actually got a chance to play with his toy. He doesn't talk, but he seems like he and Dopey are having an interesting conversation.
Hi, I'm Adam.

Wanna dance?

I'm a little shy.

Mom, this girl is laughing at me...


Anonymous said...

Oh my word! That kid looks so much like Chad it is ridiculous! (referring to Adam of course)

Kristin said...

Ben got the same penguin for Christmas. It's still in the box, though. :)