Friday, December 11, 2009

O Christmas Tree

This is our rent to own Christmas tree. I was complaining to my friend Tracy about not really wanting to put up a Christmas tree and she mentioned that she had a 7' prelit tree they weren't going to use. I offered to buy it and she said we could take it home on trial to see if we liked it and then decide. In the past we have always used a hand-me-down 4 foot tree, but were planning to try and find something bigger (and pre-lit) after Christmas. I am glad we have it because Megan is enthralled with it.

Megan and Adam (but who are we kidding, Adam has no clue) have their own Christmas tree this year. Last year, I re-decorated the tree daily and let me tell you, I don't really like decorating the tree the first time. When I found the little tree for 2 bucks after Christmas, I decided to let her have a tree to do as she pleased with and it has worked out great. We made a paper chain and several ornaments for it and I also gave her some unbreakable ornaments from the stash. When we had 4 of her little friends over the other day, the tree got completely stripped and shown below is the "after" picture. It was apparently lacking an array of foam blocks (but no one touched my big tree).


Anonymous said...

Perfect solution and you are a great mom.

Angie said...

What a great idea-Leah has been asking for her own Christmas tree, so we may have to shop after Chritmas sales:)