Tuesday, November 10, 2009

What we are up to...

Adam is busy growing and rolling. He seems to crave mastery as every time he is on his back he almost immediately rolls to his stomach where he squirms for about a minute before he fusses to be flipped over. He continues to be the best baby ever. He doesn't need to be rocked (probably b/c I never really had time for him to develop the habit) and easily (usually) goes to sleep with a bink and a minimal amount of fuss. He is incredibly happy and has a very hilarious chuckle that makes you want to laugh when you hear it.

Megan continues to astound with her imaginings and vocabulary. Here's a little Megan story for you. My dad was here this weekend and he likes to teach her a new word. She apparently mastered it.
Megan: I have to go potty.
Me: Okay, let's go. (We go downstairs and she proceeds to go.)
Me: Oh, you're going poop too?
Megan: Yes, I'm defecating...(pause) and I'm urinating, too.
In addition to her usage of words that I have to run through spell check, she almost never answers to Megan. All day long, I hear the following, "My name's not Megan, it is_____insert one of the following: Amy, Leah, Angela, Soda, etc. Sometimes, I have to tell her that I miss Megan and can she please be Megan for awhile just for the sake of my sanity. I don't say the sanity part outloud.

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