Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Another fall tradition

Two years ago, in October, Tracy, Kim and I thought it'd be fun to take pictures of the kids with the fall foliage. Little did we know that we were establishing a tradition or that in two short years there would be six kids in the picture or that it would be a little sad and a little happy to look at the old photos.

The kids did amazingly well this year. There was no crying (well, not much) and only a few escape attempts.
I think Adam is actually smiling in this one.

i'm not even sure what to say about the old pictures. Part of me wants to cry and ask what happened to these babies? But part of me is really proud of what amazing little people they are becoming. It is like my own little psychology study group. Each one of these kids has such a unique and defining personality. Looking at these pictures makes me realize again that I am so blessed to get to share this experience of parenting with Kim, Tracy and their families.
Here are a couple of shots of Megan and Adam. I didn't get any together in their regular clothes because Adam had had enough. He was woken up twice in order to get these pictures. Did I mention he is the most amazing baby?

After the pics, we went inside and painted.


Angie said...

Hey Katy!
Love the pictures! Leah is going to be Fancy Nancy for Halloween too, which I love because we don't have to purchase an outfit:) So sorry we missed you last time you were in town, but we would love to see you at Christmas! Just let us know when you think you will be around! I don't think I can participate in the book exchange this time, but thanks for thinking of me! Hope to talk soon!!


Grandma G4 said...

What a wonderful picture!!!

Anonymous said...

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