Friday, October 17, 2008

Scrapbooking and the Backyardigans

I made this layout this past week. I know, there is no journaling and I'm trying to come up with some additional embellishments, but I like it otherwise.

Megan absolutely loves the Backyardigans. If you ask who her friends are the list usually includes Caden, Tracy, Macy (who are all real people) and she always includes "Tasha" and "Pablo" who are cartoons from the show. Last week, I decided to make her a little book of the Backyardigans. I was able to print off all the pics from the Nick Jr. website and here is the final (quickly made) product:


Kristin said...


Cate isn't into any specific characters yet. And I'm OK with that!

Mandy said...

good lord, katie!
you're a fabulous scrapbooker! have you ever thought about applying for a job with creating keepsakes or some other big scrapbook giant? i'd hire you!