Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Megan's Birthday Bash

Last Saturday, Megan and 37 of her closest friends and family gathered at the park to celebrate the big ONE. Thirty-seven people seems a bit crazy for a 1-year olds party, but because her birthday falls so close to a holiday all of her closest relatives (minus 1 aunt) were able to make it out. By the time we started to invite our friends from church, the number got larger. We rented a pavilion at the park and had a ladybug theme.

This was her cake.

This is her eating one of the cupcakes. She got a great big smile on her face when I put it in front of her, but wasn't completely sure how to go about eating it. In the end, she got it done.

Here she is opening presents with Dad. She received some very cute outfits, books and toys. What a lucky girl.

And, finally, what might be my favorite picture of the day...all tuckered out.

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Kristin said...

Cute cake!

That is a lot of people, and I believe it is more than we had here! :)