Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Living Life

What's new, what's new...I'm not sure how to categorize my life. On one hand, I feel that my life is incredibly full. On the other hand, the "full"ness of life comes from many, many seemingly insignificant moments. Don't misunderstand, I love being home with Megan and I am quite sure that the energy and love I put into the millions of "insignificant" moments will perhaps be my most significant accomplishment. It's only when I think about writing in this blog that I wonder what "interesting" things I have to share with the masses. And yes, I'm sorry for the ridiculous amounts of quotation marks.

Here's are some questions running through my mind today:
Why is Megan spitting up so much today?
Did she really get a nap at day care?
When will the cabinets in my attic be done?
What do I want for my birthday?
When do the trick-or-treaters come?
What should the activity be for the library Christmas event?
When should I start giving Megan other solids and what food should I start with?

I have no answers for these questions. I have vague ideas on some and no idea on others.

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