Monday, May 21, 2007

Our House-Part 2

In real life, we would have to start the tour at the bottom and work our way up. For the virtual tour, we'll go just the opposite.
Welcome to our attic!

We spend the majority of our time up here. Its a hard space to take pictures of, but if you'll look at the outside picture of our house, you'll notice 2 dormer windows. (There is a third dormer on the left side.) The picture above is taken while standing in the dormer in the front of the house. The stairs come up on the right side of the room and the left side of the room has a window. The back of the room is a combination space that holds our computer and my scrapbook empire. A future project is to put cabinets and book shelves into the space. Hopefully, we'll be able to start that in the fall in order to child proof our attic.

This picture shows one of the 2 windows in the front dormer and our sitting area.

This picture shows the stairwell and another angle of our couches. Behind the couch, we also have a little area with our games, a microwave and refrigerator.


Kristin said...

Way to go with starting the blog! I'm telling you, you'll love being able to post pictures of Megan this way rather than e-mailing them to people like me who will want to see many updates!

You look adorable as a pregnant woman. Hope Megan comes soon.

Lynn said...

We're looking forward to seeing many updates...